The Company “Filati GB” was founded in 1982 by the will of its founder Sergio Bertini and it immediately started to establish itself in the Textile District of Prato thanks to the production and Stock Service Carded Wool Yarn.

In 1987 Daniele Bertini, the founder’s son and today’s current Administartor, joins the company; in a later time, his brother Marco Bertini joins aswell.

In 1990 new warehouses are bought and the array of articles and coloring of Stock Service Carded Wool Yarn is expanded.

In 2002, keeping up with the evolution of the market, the “Filati GB” company expands its Stock Service, including a wide range of Colors and Titles for Cotton Yarns and Polyester Yarns.

In 2004, after purchasing additional Warehouses and Equipment, Management gives life to a new array of Fancy Yarn Articles for Upholstery, Curtains, Clothes, Jersey and Knitwear. These are made in collaboration with the Customers, according to Their needs and requests, with the use materials ranging from Linen, Cotton, Acetate, Viscose, Wool, Polyester, Trevira CS, Nylon and Acrylic, creating thus unique and customized Collections and thus opening to the entire Italian Market.
The company starts to invest heavily in Research&Development, and looks for new materials, equipment and technologies in order to develop new products and provide the market with the latest trends and innovations that will be distributed throughout the world.

To this day, thanks to its heavy and constant investments in R&D, and thanks to its Collection of Unique Yarns (which include New, Chromatic and Contemporary effects), “Filati GB” is among the most innovative and dynamic companies and is a point of reference for the best Textile Manufacturers and Style Departments, and is expanding its prospects and cooperation in Italy and the rest of the World.

“Filati GB” ‘s Mission is to “always provide new yarns to its Customers”, and traits such as Reliability, Seriousness and Professionalsm are Core Values of the company. The Goal is to create new unique and products that are in line with the Market’s quality requirements and demands through our passion and dedication, in an enviroment that to this day shares the traits of familiarity typical of a time rich in tradition and history.
The company is also Eco-Friendly, therefore the processes and yarns used are environmentally sustainable, resulting in the complete recycling of all production waste.
The company offers products in Stock Service Cotton and Polyester of various colors and compositions and a wide range of Fancy Yarns. This allows us to have product that are in line with the trends, constantly innovating variety and colors.